What is “personal branding”?

It’s YOU!  Personal branding is a combination of unique qualities you already have used towards your business and to promote what you stand for.  The online world continues to grow and now more than ever you need to stand out from the rest, show off what sets you apart and as a result, obtaining your ideal clients and more business in the process. It’s the next level after a logo and headshot.

Why do I need it?  Why is it so important?

So many reasons… 

It showcases your strengths and passions to set you apart from your competition

Therefor increases your income, adding professionalism to your site so that you attract the right clients.

You want to me memorable, liked, your ideal customers to want to be around you.  Show them the real you – and they will love you.

What happens during a coaching session?

Many things could happen.  There isn’t a set curriculum for anyone, so the process is tailor made for you as we go.  Anything you need help with is what we work on.  Though I do try to get into who you are, who you are in your business, who you’re serving, what you love and fun quirks about you and bring those out for your online presence.  This work also translates into your personal life and that’s ok too. If there are any questions or specifics you would like to discuss, just let me know, I’d love to help.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Depends on which one you booked, the Coffee Date and full on Coaching Package are one hour sessions and the Fire Round is two hours.

What will I have to do?  Is there homework?

You don’t “have to” do anything you don’t want to.  I do suggest showing up with a clear and open mind, a notepad and pen, get ready for brainstorming and yes there will be homework.  But I promise I’ll make it as fun as I can 😉

Do I need to book a photoshoot?

I might be something I’d recommend, but I can also show you how to tweak, re-crop and refresh any photos you do have as well as tips for getting a great selfie to use for the time being.  (But I 100% think a professional photoshoot is best once we get your look sorted)

Can you come and organize my photoshoot?

Yep!  A daily rate and travel fees apply, get in touch to get the ball rolling.