What's your ritual?

Journaling, writing your book, meditating, applying makeup or after a bath, Ritual Robes has you covered.


A mum and daughter duo

Generations passing on skills, supporting eachother, sharing ideas, spending time with parents, crafting, away from staring at a screen, putting love into something for others, space for us to create and design an item to support other women in their self love and growth rituals. And laughing... lots of laughing.

Opposites = Awesomeness

My background was in fashion business and have always loved textiles and design. I got that from my mum. She moved to Canada from England in the late 60's and not finding the high end clothes here like there was back home, she taught herself to make them. Still in my closet you'll find the vintage pieces of past decades handed down. She's immaculate, practical and detailed. Paired with my whimsical, modern ideas, these robes tick all of the boxes to feel luxurious, inspired and beautiful. Like wrapping yourself in your alter, taking that feeling of being calm and centered while you wear it.

Wear your alter

A special gem stone pocket, quotes written inside and made with so much love