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Oh Hi There,

I'm Lyz Plant

I like long walks down the beach, I’m a leo and love looking up at the stars.

My past nicknames include Lizzard (of course), Zardsky and my fave, Details – because of my memory and I’m insanely picky with visual details… I will be in your house for tea or green juice and adjust a crooked frame when you’re not looking.

I grew up with two sides to me, the fashion side and the loving the planet, animals and helping them side. I just want the world to be a better place for everything and everyone.

I’m super into wellness, I think my dream day would include a four hour massage…

I was THE most introverted kid…. not a lot of people believe it.  It took me a while to realize that most social settings exhaust me and I need to recharge my introvert self.

Personal development is my jam and you’ll often find me attending live events or reading the latest book.



For decades I've worked in the world of fashion, makeup, I've even dabbled in modeling and acting. I've worked with top photographers, designers, celebrities and artists of all kinds and have learned a lot. I still work as a makeup artist on select projects and love the creativity and people I meet through it.

As much as I loved makeup I always felt I was meant for more, I knew that there was no way this was it for me.


With owning a store and the online trainings I've taken, I started to get asked by friends about business ideas, online help with visibility, their photoshoots, picking which photos to use, fonts... it was BRANDING. And I was really good at it. It just flowed and I knew so many things off the top of my head. So many ideas for anyone who asked. It lit me up.

And now when I wake up I'm excited, to work with and meet incredible people just like you, who have so much to share, who love their business as much as I love mine, who want to focus and know that their online presence is supporting who they really are.

I encourage self love, confidence and unapologetic awesomeness of truth. And we have a blast doing it.


I'm jam packed with life experience. Forever a gypsy, always meeting new people, every job I've had has been with the public, I love peoples stories and what makes them unique.
"What I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me..." Bonus points if you know where that's from.

Makeup Artist

For over a decade I've been helping women feel their ultimate best. Inside and out. Specializing in clean beauty, bridging wellness and products together.

Fashion Marketing & Merch Grad

College grad here! My best courses included: Colour theory, journalism, marketing, visual merchandising, public speaking and publicity & promotion. But not accounting...I was terrible at accounting.

Yoga Instructor

I took my YTT200 training in Costa Rica at Anamaya Resort for a blissful month. My life hasn't been the same since... it just keeps getting better. We focused on a lot of self awareness, breath work and ayurveda.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass

Hosted by Gabby Bernstein in NYC annually, I've attended the past three trainings. The focus is on recognizing and releasing the blocks that are holding you back from your dreams in your life and business.

B-School Alum

This is an incredible online eight week course by Marie Forleo for online marketing for any business. From your why, to social media, great ideas and exercises to learn from. I can't wait to re-take it every year to upscale my own biz.

Brick & Click Store Owner

I've learned the most by having my own store. Good and bad, the ups and downs, through three re-brands over five years of working in store as well as online. And I did it all on my own. I can't wait to share everything with you.