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I'm here for you to show up with confidence and get visible in your life & biz.

  • If you’re in wellness, coaching, consulting, a maker, a mentor, a visionary
  • Into making the world a better place, would do your work for free and can’t imagine not doing what you’re doing
  • You’re one of the good ones.
  • You’re ready to get out there but still a titch scared
  • You’re starting out online or are ready for an upgrade
  • Ready to invest in your business and up level your visibility and confidence

I'm here to get you to a place where you want to have a happy dance every time you see yourself online.

My background is in marketing merchandising, I worked in the fashion industry for over a decade, makeup artist for twice that and owned my own shop for five years. I binge on spiritual, biz and personal development trainings – and you know what? It’s not about any of these things…

You're ready to get out there more. You're ready to be seen.

You may be feeling confused as to where to start, or feel you’ve out-grown your business. You evolve as an entrepreneur and so does your work. You look for ideas online and it’s daunting and though you like frolicking on the beach in a boho dress, maybe that just isn’t you, at least not all of you.



There For You

Unlimited support via email, voice and text in messenger

4 weekly calls PLUS 1 Bonus

Full on 1:1 time.  You and I. Going over and addressing anything you need.


Workbooks, homework, check ins, resources, mindset work and more

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Lyz - Magnetic Coach Certified

Hey You,

I already know you’re Awesome