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Playing the Beauty Long Game

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We live in a world where we can download answers to (almost) anything in seconds, order food and have it in minutes, speed dating, “there’s an app for that”, surgeries and procedures for almost any change we want and while constantly looking though the veil of social media where everyone’s life, body, husband, work, vacation etc seems perfect…those quick fixes get incredibly appealing.  Lemme tell you, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

Start slow with baby steps.  Fall in love with the process and yourself.  Like planning ritual bath evenings – it doesn’t have to be expensive either, it just takes a bit of planning and creativity.

I used to be a freelance makeup artist in Toronto and would often work for brands in large fancy schmancy department stores.  The women I would help were usually older, had a lot of money and would have typically worn a lot of makeup at least every day for most of their lives.  Their skin was (typically) very dry, thin, crepey and their mentality was the “needed” products like addicts.  Then I moved to the country where I had my wee beauty store and served a very different market, still the same age but farmers wives, women who worked in the city, mothers of three… rarely wore makeup and it was usually a low priority.  Their skin was plumper, had more life and was way better in general.  Makeup isn’t bad, but take breaks, give your skin some love, eat well and know that makeup isn’t life, use it if and when you want to, it’s a tool for some.  I’d rather see a lip balmed smile over a perfectly lined red lip scowl annnny day of the week.

I remember coming back from some retreats that really fed my soul.  Like my yoga teacher training, it was a month of yoga at least four hours a day, sunshine – hello a bit of a tan!  And the most incredible clean food.  I’ve never looked better in my life.  EVERYone said how incredible and young I looked and I wasn’t wearing heels or dressed up, my hair was never that done and it was, most of the time, without any makeup.  I beamed happiness, I was healthy, confident, more self aware and felt such an inner calm I was more present to listen to what others had to say.  That was my prettiest self.  Of course it starts to slip, in my ideal life I would have a month away like that at least once a year *fingers crossed for one day*.  And then people would question if maybe I had an aging portrait of myself in my attic…


  • DIY products – just by purchasing a base amount of ingredients – there are so many things you can make!  From Body scrubs, to oils, teeth whitening treatment, balms, insect repellent… oodles of options
  • Eat well.  I know I know, you’ve heard it before but you are what you eat.  Try and be clean, organic and as local as you can.
  • Take a Gua Sha or face roller class (or watch YouTube vids) to learn the proper techniques of a good self face massage – Gua Sha is a gem stone curved paddle which helps with muscle, joint pain, self with a bit of a natural facelift and can also benefit the immune system and reduce inflammation.
  • Dry brushing
  • Yoga and meditation – So important to have a calm mind.  Self awareness is key for living a happy life.  And c’mon, stress wrinkles aren’t fun.
  • Acupuncture
  • Naturapothy
  • Do things just for you.  Seriously.  It isn’t selfish, you can’t pour from an empty cup.  Do what fills your soul and makes you happy, your friends and family deserve you and your best, right?
  • Say no – nicely, but if you don’t feel like going to that thing of Friday, just bow out, be honest.  It’s ok.
  • A great support system.  If you leave your friends drained or feeling bad about yourself… check in, go there, ask yourself why and if you still want these people in your life or if you can shift the energy to a better place.
  • Stare at the stars, go for walks without your phone, wander down streets you’ve never been on, be present and open
  • Smile…better yet, laugh often.  Find those people, those circumstances and laugh your ass off as much as you can.
  • Love you.  You deserve nothing less, love you first.

I hope you liked these ideas!  If you have any to add, shoot me an email or find me on INSTAGRAM – I’d love to hear them



Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2

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It took me three years, but in Oct '18 I finally made it.

I can’t imagine my life without it

Actually I can... but I don't want to. I look back on my past self with so much love, but also with a "oh, you still have so much to learn". And this is just the beginning, I will never stop learning, progressing, falling and getting back up again. I'm so blessed to have been able to do this training and to have met so many people who are like family now.

Left: I geeked out and brought my light letter box...they all LOVED it 🙂

The entire place is magical, the grounds, services and even the food.

I drove down and allowed myself a full day to get there to enjoy the trip, it was in late fall and absolutely gorgeous.  New York state through country roads and small towns with planned playlists = awesomeness.  I arrived at Kripalu and though parking everywhere was packed, I scooped one of the closest spots in long term parking. *thank you universe*.

I was actually quite nervous.  Excited but, nervous for, I don’t know what.  I immediately felt better when I saw a few fellow Spirit Junkie friends.  We caught up and chatted over coffee while our rooms got ready for us.  The rooms were basic and perfect.  Just what we needed.   I of course brought my diffuser with my favorite scents 😉  Which, thankfully my roomie was very into it.

Having our first evening of intros we got our first taste of the amazing food….. omg the food!  So clean, so many options… incredible.  Then off to bed as early as I could.

The girls and I got up extra early to nab our seats, I needed to be in the front row.  Not to be too much of a keener, but when I sat front row and SJM1 this year, magical things happened, Gabby noticed from the stage and mentioned it to me later AND in a facebook live.  I felt on fire (in a good way) so if it helped me there, damn right I’m doing it again.  The power in that room was so strong.  This was the first year that it ended up being all women.  I felt accepted, loved and haven’t felt so at home with a group of people in my whole life.  Everyone deserves this feeling at least once in their lifetime.

But above it all…it’s about

the people you meet

Sure, we covered a lot on personal growth, got into marketing and business, public speaking (which I was super excited for) writing our first book.  We had several guest speakers (aka badasses) and we learned and got inspired by so much.  Some we were looking for, some hit us in a big AHA moment… but the people you end up meeting and connection with on such an incredible deep level, very quickly.  Some knew things about me in two days that I never told anyone.  Ever.  It’s just that kind of vibe.

I had a group of girls, who are like family to me now.  We are a core group of four who still have group calls all the time, we support and call each other when we need to, I also have several more women who I feel deeply connected to and we support and keep in touch all of the time.  To have running buddies, to have people who “get it” and understand what you’re going through and, love them, but not all of our regular friends and family get it.  Not all of it.  So this…this makes it worth a million.  The connections and freedom to be the real you, scratch that, all sides of you and be loved for it, is priceless.


Below : Can you spot me?  Front row baby!

Gimme Some Lip

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Holiday Red

Seeing Red.

Nothing says a holiday look like a red lip.  Classic, bold, a statement.

Here are my top tips to getting it right:

Red lips, especially around the holidays, are always in style. Either matte or glossy, I always am asked about how to achieve the perfect red lip around this time of year. Red lipstick can be intimidating for most and to be fair they can be a bit high maintenance, but for special occasions they are timeless and gorgeous.

Shade: there are sooo many shades out there, warm reds, cool reds, berry hues, dark vampy… do your best to try before you buy, ask for samples, mix colours you already have, play a lot.  Your natural lip colour can change the shade you try, so your friends colour, may look different on you.

Prep time: Your lips should be as smooth and as hydrated as possible. We want them soft and pillowy, not shriveled and scratchy (who does, right?) I highly recommend a lip scrub or polish. My favorite’s include Revival Lip Scrub in cinnamon – and it tastes DELICIOUS. Rub that bad boy on there for a while and either wipe or eat it away. Next apply a super hydrating and healthy lip balm such as Hana Lip Balm or Saje. Leave on to absorb for a little bit. I find if you do this step pre foundation etc, and then apply the rest of your look and lip last works well.

When you’re ready for lip time, just blot off any extra lip balm off. We don’t want the lips too slippy for the product to move around.

So first, lightly sweep a concealer or foundation across your lips, just to neutralize the colour out. This way the red will be truer to colour and have a nice pop to it. Then with a lip liner (such as Saint’s in Hell Ya) make an X (see pic below on my friend Delia) this helps keep the lips symmetrical. Make another mark at the center bottom of the lower lip. From here you can feather out to the corners to create the full outline. You can adjust the shape slightly if need be (most people have asymmetrical lip lines), but be careful – colour stains easily.

Then fill in the rest of the lip with the liner!

From here with a lip brush that isn’t too floppy or large, such as Kjaer Weis’ lip brush on your desired shade of lipstick. For a shade that’s a more on the warmer side I love Ilia’s Wild Child and for the cooler deeper tones I like Kjaer Weis in Goddess (a bit of a deeper, darker shade) which is smoother than a lipstick like you mixed a lipstick and lip balm, but the colour still packs a punch. Love.

You can leave the colour matte or add a clear or corresponding lip-gloss colour over top if you prefer a wet, glossy look.

To help with possible feathering and also to make the lips pop that much more, with a concealer brush and a teeny tiny bit of concealer, very lightly trace the outer outline of the lips. And blend out. Be very careful as if you slip, you could easily blend into the red and then it’s a big hot mess! *A trick of the trade is to steady your hand by placing your pinky finger on your chin. OR you can do this at the concealer stage of doing your makeup ahead of time.

There you have it!

Hope you enjoy and happy holidays!!!

All photo’s above, makeup by me 🙂

Confession… I’m in love with Jay Shetty

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I mean... who wouldn't be...

I've been a fan of his for a looooong time.

He’s done a LOT

From Monk to Forbes 30 Under 30, has a BILLION views and 10 million followers

And though he has a great resume… it’s his message I’m in love with.

Jay's wisdom, sharpness and vision wrapped up in a millennial model look, with that Brit accent (and don't get me started on his eyes) is the perfect package for getting these messages across to many. Known as the Digital Monk, his viral videos are making an impact for the better, with age old ideas modernized and brought to the masses through video and memes. He definitely gets the right, and well deserved, attention.

I really, really wanted to attend Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass in NYC for a third time (yep… three times) but when I saw that Jay Shetty was to be a guest speaker, I freaked out a little.  Like a lot.

I manifested the shizzle out of attending and it totally happened.  The universe wanted me to be there.  I rarely had weekends off and I had it off.  A friend invited me to share a hotel room. It timed perfectly around my parents vacay for watching my cat.  My soul needed to be there so my human part made sure that it happened.  And NYC, you never disappoint.

Sunday, our third day, rolled around and that morning, there he was.  In the isle next to the stage with a line up of people waiting for a pic.  I was shaking a bit as I squeeled into my IG story.

*side note*  Guy’s… I’ve worked and have met MANY celebs.  Seriously, I’m not shaken up and/nervous by just anyone.  This hardly ever happens.  But I was for reals shaking.

It was his turn, we heard him speak.  He was AMAZING and then he sat with the other speakers to the side of the stage.

I knew I had to say something to him.  I knew it since I heard he was speaking.  I knew it would be speacial and not just a line up kinda thing.  I felt that the right moment would come up and, for some reason after our break, I didn’t want to take my seat.  I hung out on the stairs into the theatre watching everyone have a warm up dance party.  I didn’t know what I was waiting for, but I felt I was to wait.

By sitting in the front row, I could have touched his sneaks...

The following is my journal entry from the day after

I waited for some reason.  He was in the main room with everyone dancing and I waited on the stairs taking it all in.  He was surrounded with people wanting photos, validation and to be seen by him.  I waited.

He walked by being escorted by a volunteer, bathroom break?  Meeting? I thought.  I followed and they went outside, was he leaving?  I have huge boundaries and respect for people in high demand, I don’t ask for selfies when I work with celebrities, I try to make conversation as though they’re just a normal person, like a barista or neighbour.  They are often a person with very little privacy and I honor that.  But…..

I paced in the lobby feeling the pull in my gut of what to do, to stay inside and miss my chance or to run out, possibly get turned away, dismissed, let down.

A spirit junkie friend ran out to take a quick photo with him.  I don’t even remember following.  I said “Jay, I just have to say thank you so much for all of the work you do, I’ve been a fan since you started, I share your videos all of the time and got so many people into you and your message.  You make me so proud to be half English *gushing on*…

He said Thank you about five times as I rambled on fanatically, I said “you inspire me, I have a message I’m nervous about sharing with so many spiritual and wellness workers, buying unicorns from Walmart being made by unfairly paid workers in China with the #highvibe or making themselves and the planet sick by using toxic over-priced products, or buying gemstones mined by children…”

He said “yes, this is so important, I wouldl say to keep it positive and share what’s going on.  Don’t call anyone out or shame anyone.  Where are you based?”  “In Canada, Ottawa, but travel a bunch” (and now I’m wondering why the ef he asked that… damn it) I then asked “would you mind taking a photo?”

Then I said, “I know I have a strong voice and presence, I’m one of the ones in the audience who raised both hands when you asked “who’s funny?”  He said “…To keep going…”

I offered an out by starting the “I don’t want to take up anymore of your time…” But he kept talking, very interested in my ideas, had suggestions and advice for me, was so caring and thoughtful, focused on me and not what was going on around him, like the girl waiting for a photo.  We chatted for a couple more minutes and I offered to take the photo for the girl waiting.  His car arrived, I said “thank you so much” as I shook his hand.  And I walked (sure did feel like a girly skip) inside.  I don’t remember getting back to my seat and I was shaking again when I got there.

The feeling of suggesting a topic to someone of this caliber and have them lit up and engaged felt incredible. To be seen by a hero of yours is unparalleled.  The validation is great, but being on the same platform as them, even just for a few minutes, opens up that possibility for me to reach that level all of the time.  Have these conversations many more times with thought leaders.  My soul was singing.

‘Till next time Jay Shetty.  I know there will be one.


Follow your gut.  Get to those places your soul wants to go.  Let it lead you.

What high vibe means to me

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High Vibe : A naturally high state. The state of joy one achieves when a persons actions and beliefs are aligned and all the pieces of their life have integrity and love at it’s core. The state of bliss experienced when at full health as a result of being substance free.

 – Urban Dictionary

Being high vibe, a boss, gypsy or badass etc to me means taking responsibility, doing the research, asking questions, not being a sheep, doing your part, standing up for what you believe in, even if you’re the first voice saying it. Sign that petition. Bring attention to that cause you love.  Write a letter to that company.  If you don’t like something, do something about it. Stand up. Standing up for what’s right.  With much love and respect for our Mother Earth.

Imagine if everyone cared and voted with their money. The world could be such a different place.  If we bought local, took care in our buying power to not have mass amounts of cheapness from overseas but rather quality made with local designers or vintage and using what’s already here.  Research where things are made and what you are supporting with your purchase.

Doing things not for vanity, or because an influencer says it’s cool, but because you’re aligned with it, it’s healthy for you and makes you happy.  Breaking down what society tells us and deciding for ourselves what’s good.

I sometimes hear of people in my field of wellness or spirituality dishing on healthy food, #highvibe, but then mentioning a great boho dress they got at a fast fashion store, or a lipstick they got at a drug store that was so cheap (don’t get me started as to what the ingredients are for those… what you’re eating… *shudder*) .They need to keep going, keep reaching for that next level, that next frontier on what it means to be a light worker in this beautiful life we have.  We’re literally consuming and shrouding ourselves in a vibe of goods.  That boho dress was made in terrible working conditions overseas and no love energy was put into the making of it and the dye is the cheapest and pollutes the planet, that lipstick is just filler, bad for you shizzle in there.  Read the ingredients, look into where things are mades and investigate.

(Here’s a great doc on Netflix called The True Cost about fast fashion)

In Kundalini yoga, we use our fingers as antennas for energy, is your nail polish made with formaldehyde and other baddy things that are blocking your energy stream?  That lotion we put on, those ingredients are getting in our bloodstream and are they blocking our energy points throughout our body?

Little things like if everyone stopped buying products with animal parts unnecessarily (the animal abuse that happens often for just trim on a coat to makeup brushes is disgusting) Also, are you working in wellness with “high vibe” people, ask where the gemstones are mined, where the farming happens for the essential oils your buying, ask the questions, are they supporting child labour?  Paying farmers fairly?

Our buying power is effing huge and you can make an impact by where we shop.  We can do so much good in the world, simply by making more informed, educated choices for ourselves, the earth and future generations.


“Every dollar is a vote for the world you want to live in”


I’ve heard and have used the above quote before numerous times, but I would like to take it a step further by saying, every like and every view as well, especially online.  Imagine if nobody liked, watched or shared a particular viral family… our attention is so powerful and shapes the world we’re in, which then becomes the norm and snowballs in a particular direction.  It’s all relative, we compare ourselves to what’s around us and that becomes our environment. I invite you to think about what you see in your everyday, because that’s something we can change easily, if any account or person you follow makes you feel small in ANY way, unfollow them.  Follow and engage with ones who inspire and encourage the right things for you.  For example, I don’t follow many makeup or fashion accounts other than eco ones or friends, Barely any celebrities, I follow a lot of animal rescues, life and biz coaches and indie artists around the world.  I want them to have the attention, my likes, my views, they deserve it.  And I see those and as a result makes me happy, inspired and feeling high vibe.


Tips –

Check in with local Facebook groups and see what markets are around, clothes swaps etc

Etsy, Do a search for shops near you.

When you give gifts, give a wellness/experience gift, like a yoga pass, massage, skydiving session, a day planned of your favorite things, you’re creating an amazing memory for them as well as supporting a local business.

Let’s make this world a badass place for everyone