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My Adventures in LA

By Aventures

Every time I'm in LA, it's one of the best. days. ever.

I’m so so lucky to have a friend like Brooke.  We met… ummm…. 16 years ago and we seem to get more alike the older we get.  The fun times just keep getting funner, the conversations deeper and the laughs harder.  She moved to LA around 14 years ago and I’ve been able to get down to visit several times.  She also loves clean healthy food, yoga, wellness and eco products – so you know it’s going to be a good day!

First we stopped at Moonjuice to nab some yummy drinks for our drive to Venice Beach.  We saw this fantastic turquoise wall and impromtu PHOTOSHOOT!

We got some great shots on her phone with the app Hipstamatic (that vintage vibe) and though she is an incredible actress, she is also an amazing photographer.  Agian… I’m very very lucky to have her be a cheerleader friend of mine.

We arrived to the canal with no plan, just to wander and see where the afternoon takes us.  It was a beautiful day and yep… another photo op on the bridges 🙂

Around the corner we found this ridiculously cool door that looked like it lead to another world.  A thick hedge wall with an antique door cut into it – we couldn’t NOT take pictures.  Since my last name is Plant, it seemed like a perfect branding pairing.  (So this trip is a write off… RIGHT?!)



Ok, ok… I HAD to take a wing pic!


credo shopping!

I am in heaven when I’m in an eco beauty store and Credo did not disappoint.  I restrained myself only to a few treats.  I love Axiology lipsticks and Bad is my perfect fall shade, a warm dark brown, yes a bit of a ballsy colour but it’s uhmazing.  So I scooped one of those as well as these gel under eye masks that I’ve been dying to try by Honest Hazel, Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder and a sample of Innersense shampoo and conditioner – woohoo

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on one of these gemstone face rollers for a while now and finally got one!  Rose quartz is perfect for feminine beauty and I’m slowly incorporating it into my routine.  Great for puffy allergy eyes 😉

Though my visit was only a couple of days, it felt like a week with all of the fun, sunshine and good company.  I ate the best ceviche.  Twice.  We had WAY too much fun renting Bird electric scooters and gah!  I can’t wait to get back!

Check out my Pinterest Page for more info on my fave LA spots!

My adventures in NYC

By Adventures


Beginning of June, 2018.  I had the best time yet and Spirit Junkie Masterclass.  It was like the city wanted me there.  Everything felt familiar and incredible.  I was buzzing the entire time.

I just wanted to share some of my favorite pics and experiences below.

All the feels in Brooklyn with that oh so famous bridge, walking around and going to a comedy club in jogging pants, sitting in the same chair as Deepak and a lot of  other freakin awesome people at the Deepak Homebase, a meditation session is the best space for it – Inscape, beautiful street art, product shopping, Carrie’s front steps and fantastic new friends.

Oh NYC, you get me everytime.