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Lewis Howes

Summit of Greatness

By Adventures, Business, Manifesting, Self Development
The Manifested Trip

This trip meant a lot to me.

For so many reasons:

It seemed incredible, all of those fantastic people from all over the world

Great speakers, getting inspired in the same room always beats a video

Travel, sign me up to anywhere, I love travel.

But really, how it came about, is what really meant everything to me.  I had been a fan of Lewis Howes and followed his Instagram and Podcast, but not obsessively or anything, kinda on the back burner… hold that in your thoughts for a sec…

I was having a great morning, it was a gorgeous hot and sunny day out and was hanging loads of laundry on the line.  I looked at my phone and my heart sunk, a message from my ex boyfriend asking if I was home and he could bring the rest of my stuff off.  It had been about ten months, but it still really hurt and this would be the first time I would see him since we were a couple.  I was in a bit of a panic, trying to compose myself and I don’t think he noticed how off I really was.  I tried to act cool and my joyful self.  He drove away as we laughed about a joke or something and I immediately went inside to cry.  Everything came flooding back and I felt all of those nasty broken up with feelings all over again.  After an hour or so I said to myself… no.  This isn’t a sad day, I can choose again, it’s still early, this day can be something else still.

Looking for inspiration to get myself out I turned to my Pinterest Pages for quotes, and the screen shots I take when something pops up on Instagram I like.  I posted some on my own Instagram stories if only to inspire others who may be having a tough day…  I always tag where they come from and a couple were of Lewis Howes.  I felt a little better, probably swapped out some laundry, in a bit I checked my phone and Lewis had written to me.  I messaged how bad my day had been, mentioned the story in short and he wrote again in support.  Just being seen by someone who influences me at such a terrible time meant the world. I did a 180, felt incredible and had so many little signs after that, you know the ones where you know you’re on the right track?

I didn’t think I would be able to swing it, but through a random group posting (in a completely other business group) someone was selling their ticket.  For half the price I was expecting to pay…I declared to myself “if I make an unexpected $500 by this weekend, I’m going” and no joke the next morning I had a last minute wedding inquiry totaling $497 (!) and day of with tip and lashes it was more like $800 AND that wedding ended up being published in three magazines… it kept on giving!

I scooped an incredible hotel rate by sharing with two girls (we were besties from the start, I still love them and hope to stay with them again this year) I *kinda* got a cheap flight (spoiler, I was due to fly out Sat aft missing the closing session and party but my wedding back home cancelled and it would have cost $800 just to change the flight and through the facebook group I got a ride most of the way home in no time and caught a $100 train home.  boom.) Everything just came together.


So this happened…


Branding with Lewis Howes

By Branding, Business

"Lack of revenue isn't your greatest problem, lack of reputation is"

Meet Lewis Howes, if you haven’t already

New York Times best selling author of School of Greatness and his podcast of the same name is the top 100 ranked in the world, Lewis is a rags to riches (and not just money) story who inspires people to make a full time living doing what they love. He interviews the best in the biz and it's on my vision board to be one of those interviewed one day.

Want to up your branding game?  Check out this Podcast

Lewis and Rory chat about so many things including how important your personal branding is, what the difference between a business brand and a personal one is, your brand DNA, how to figure out what business you're actually in and oodles more.

I recently had another universe nudge nudge.

I’m currently about to launch my new website under the title of Personal Branding Coach and I feel so excited to do so, but still a shadow of a thought comes up from time to time telling me that “who am I to do this? What are my credentials?  There are so many bigger people out there doing this and are probably way better than you”

Ef That.

I know I’m super qualified.  Paired up with my experience of doing headshots for hundreds of people, a love for all design, high end taste, an unparalleled eye for detail and not to mention my marketing and merchandising business background and I’ve gone through this process several times for myself already – Like, c’mon ego, let’s take it down a notch.  So I looked to some of my favorite people to follow for inspiration and to keep me on the path to awesomeness.

I knew who Lewis Howes was and he’s been on my radar for a few years, but I was never really that into him- I thought of him as being very masculine, something I’m not that drawn to, I had subscribed to his podcast, but only had listened to a few. Recently I felt a lean towards him more, I paid more attention to his Instagram and found myself really inspired by his posts.  I screen shot a couple and shared in my stories, and… he replied with a heart.  Wtf, this guy has like, 775k followers… I replied with a heart and “always”.. another heart appeared.  So I thought, ahhhhh I get it… it’s a bot and wrote “Ya gotta wonder if it’s automated ;)”  Ummmm wouldn’t you know it he replied with a selfie with “it’s me”

*insert pic of my jaw on the floor”

I was really impressed to say the least, that he takes this kind of time out for his followers.  It meant a lot.  (PS – this was right after I had a really bad first half of the day involving an ex visiting, nothing bad, just lots of sadness came up for me after our visit)

Wrapped up in these high vibe feels I was about to drive to work so, since I’m Lewis’s new biggest fan, looked up his podcast and the first to come up was Building an Influential Personal Brand with Rory Vaden

…Are you kidding me… Universe, I’m listening.

I loved this podcast and wanted to share it with you!

There are so many takeaways from this, I kept pausing to wrap my mind around what they were saying or take notes.

I can’t wait to start helping entrepreneurs with their personal brand!!! AHHH!!!



THE PEOPLE I LOOK UP TO (other than my mum)

By Business, Self Development


These are my go-to’s for inspiration, for learning, for keeping me aligned.  Some I consider mentors, some I’ve met, some I’ve taken courses from and some I want to take courses from.  This list will of course evolve.  But these are my top recommended people right now.

None of these are affiliated, I just wanted to share this with you 🙂

Gabby Bernstein


What can I say about my mentor Gabby... she has taught me so much and I know that my life wouldn't be nearly as fantastic without her and her lessons in it. Her books and especially Spirit Junkie Masterclass have helped me and so many immensely. She focuses on recognizing your blocks to your truth and how to release them safely. Bringing your light out to the world as bright as you can. The world needs so much of this right now.


Creator of B School

B School is the most taken online marketing course for entrepreneurs that is launched once a year. Marie also gives out content like candy through Marie TV, she interviews amazing guests and answers fan's questions in a talk show setting with inserts of hilarious skits. Oh and dancing. There's always dancing. I've taken B school and LOVE IT


Monk turned digital wisdom disher outter

I'm so in love with Jay Shetty. He is just pure light, passion and good. He takes his lessons from being a monk and brings them to the world through social media. He's always smiling, is always positive and is a inspiration to many (like, millions) Everyone needs some Jay in their lives.


Life and business coach

Hayley has been my coach and I can't wait for more of her. Her style is inspirational and in a world of selling and pitches, she's very anti that. She's here to serve you the best way she can and she is such a delight. I love her to pieces.


Coach, Master Manifester and online course queen

I've taken three of Amanda's courses and every time I re watch a video I up level myself more. She also hosts masterminds now and then at different locations around the world (it's up on the vision board) she breaks the stigma of what a coach should be. Money is her thing and she's great at it.


Stylist and course creator of social media

I've taken a couple of Hilary's courses on social media and it's insane how much content there is - TONS of information and not a crazy price. I highly recommend her. If I weren't from a fashion background I would totally hit her up for styling advice too.


Yoga Instructor, Podcaster and Foodie

I've had a girl crush on Kathryn for a few years now. She's one of my favorite yoga instructors and has a great sense of humor and realness when she teaches, often on YogaGlo. Her mantra is aim true and has a book of that name filled wish yogi reco's, yummy recipe's and self love rituals. She co-hosts her podcast Free Cookies with her partner Kate Fagan.


Podcast King and Author encouraging you to live your best biz life

Lewis's podcasts are one of my favorites, always the best guests and insights, tons of valuable information for business and life, I constantly have to pause to take notes. I'm just about to start reading his book The School of Greatness... I'll let you know how it goes 😉


Yoga instructor and inner beauty goddess

Lovely is the one word I would use to describe Elena. I had the pleasure of meeting her and chatting for a while at SJM and she's just incredibly inspiring, sincere and warm. I cried when I first met and hugged her, she just has that connection so quickly with people to open up.


Brains behind the globally renowned Female Entrepreneurship Association (FEA)

I've been a member of the FEA for YEARS! It's the one thing I kept up from when I owned my store because of it's incredible value and I knew I'd be using these tools again. Every month there's a new bundle with a guest and tons of info. And all past bundles are available all the time. The private Facebook group alone is worth the monthly price.


bestselling author of You Are A Badass and it's sequel You Are A Badass At Making Money

I'm just started reading these books a second time and they're two of my all time faves. Hilarious lessons are to the point and I recommend these books to many, a perfect intro into the world of law of attraction, damn they're good. And her writing style is my inspiration.


Online biz entrepreneur, founder of Freedom Hackers

Welfare to millionaire, Kimra is a truly unapologetic. Very honest, straight to the point, no bs. Her site is where she hosts webinars, courses, a podcast and members area. She's very giving in her freebies which include intros to branding, webinars, course creation and facebook ads. She's done it all. And she's super nice.