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Branding with Lewis Howes

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"Lack of revenue isn't your greatest problem, lack of reputation is"

Meet Lewis Howes, if you haven’t already

New York Times best selling author of School of Greatness and his podcast of the same name is the top 100 ranked in the world, Lewis is a rags to riches (and not just money) story who inspires people to make a full time living doing what they love. He interviews the best in the biz and it's on my vision board to be one of those interviewed one day.

Want to up your branding game?  Check out this Podcast

Lewis and Rory chat about so many things including how important your personal branding is, what the difference between a business brand and a personal one is, your brand DNA, how to figure out what business you're actually in and oodles more.

I recently had another universe nudge nudge.

I’m currently about to launch my new website under the title of Personal Branding Coach and I feel so excited to do so, but still a shadow of a thought comes up from time to time telling me that “who am I to do this? What are my credentials?  There are so many bigger people out there doing this and are probably way better than you”

Ef That.

I know I’m super qualified.  Paired up with my experience of doing headshots for hundreds of people, a love for all design, high end taste, an unparalleled eye for detail and not to mention my marketing and merchandising business background and I’ve gone through this process several times for myself already – Like, c’mon ego, let’s take it down a notch.  So I looked to some of my favorite people to follow for inspiration and to keep me on the path to awesomeness.

I knew who Lewis Howes was and he’s been on my radar for a few years, but I was never really that into him- I thought of him as being very masculine, something I’m not that drawn to, I had subscribed to his podcast, but only had listened to a few. Recently I felt a lean towards him more, I paid more attention to his Instagram and found myself really inspired by his posts.  I screen shot a couple and shared in my stories, and… he replied with a heart.  Wtf, this guy has like, 775k followers… I replied with a heart and “always”.. another heart appeared.  So I thought, ahhhhh I get it… it’s a bot and wrote “Ya gotta wonder if it’s automated ;)”  Ummmm wouldn’t you know it he replied with a selfie with “it’s me”

*insert pic of my jaw on the floor”

I was really impressed to say the least, that he takes this kind of time out for his followers.  It meant a lot.  (PS – this was right after I had a really bad first half of the day involving an ex visiting, nothing bad, just lots of sadness came up for me after our visit)

Wrapped up in these high vibe feels I was about to drive to work so, since I’m Lewis’s new biggest fan, looked up his podcast and the first to come up was Building an Influential Personal Brand with Rory Vaden

…Are you kidding me… Universe, I’m listening.

I loved this podcast and wanted to share it with you!

There are so many takeaways from this, I kept pausing to wrap my mind around what they were saying or take notes.

I can’t wait to start helping entrepreneurs with their personal brand!!! AHHH!!!