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Consider me like your big sister helping you look and feel your best self. We'll dive in and discover your you-iest you and bring it out. Clearly and uniquely beautiful like you are. I want your soul to sing... the perfect song for that dance party.

Special: Book the Visibility Intensive

Hone in on your biz, get seen and heard YOUR way

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Through a video or audio chat, we can connect through the magic of the interwebs, so we aren't limited by time zones, leaving the house, or wardrobe (bunny slippers even) so you and I can focus on you.

Online video dates

I want to find out all about you

Local & In Person Dates

We can put big people clothes on (or not) and meet up

If you're local to the Ottawa area, let me know and we can meet up! Or get in touch, as I do travel often, I'd love to meet up in another city too.

Pencil me in

Coaching with me, it's right for you if:

You're ready to be visible. You're ready to be seen. You may be feeling confused as to where to start, or feel you've out-grown your business. You evolve as an entrepreneur and so does your work. You look for ideas online and it's daunting and though you like frolicking on the beach in a boho dress, maybe that just isn't you, at least not all of you. I work with many coaches and I see a lot of the samsies going on. I want you to stick out.

What I can do:
Work with you on finding your deep core you-ieness, come up with your language, your key phrases, colours, fonts, copy, visuals and anything else you need. Finding others around you to collaborate on, ideas on public speaking or event planning... We can plan your look and wardrobe for a branding photoshoot and I can help you with on camera work for your session as well as taking it online for social media. If you live in my area we can plan a photoshoot right here for you or I may be able to travel to you. Everything you do in your personal life is your brand, let's show it off beautifully. It ain't just about a cute logo and nice headshot anymore.

I work with everything spiritual to physical, emotional, energetic, all the way up to how that's being portrayed. I want to help you show up in a way that's easy, in a way that's so you, to help you feel your best. And as a result of showing up for your clients truly, you're attracting the right client match for you and you're making more money, by being more you.

What I don't do:
I'm not a coder, website developer, graphic designer, therapist or know-it-all, though I can recommend people for all of those things to work with us. Even my ex the know-it-all.

Get out of the box

Those funny, quirks of yours? I love them. Those weird unlikely stories about you that come out? Bring it. You're multi-passionate, multi-faceted and you may have felt like you've been labeled before as a "life coach", "yogi", "wellness practicioner" or "artist" and the stigma of who you should be and look like that goes with it. Maybe that's why your branding hasn't worked for you yet, no photos of you have really reflected who you are. You hesitate or procrastinate with putting online content out because it doesn't really feel like you. You have to "get ready" to go live on social media. I don't want you to feel pigeon holed.

I really know how that feels, I felt really lost, I would go down one path because it felt so close to what I wanted. It was a part of who I was, but not the whole me. I would never completely follow through because it wasn't satisfying me on all accounts, so after a while I would hesitate before trying any new things, coaches or programs, because I had that shiny object magpie thing going on, thinking that a new person would save me. Instead, what I really needed was someone 1:1 listening to me, planning things out with me, giving me tasks and accountability. I want to be that person for you.

I am a personal branding coach, but I do get inquires for life coaching as well. Get in touch and we can map out a plan that would support you best.

If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch and we can create something for you

The One

Intuitive Branding or Coaching Session

You and I for 90 mins getting into know you what your desires in business are and where you want to be.  We can either go into NLP base coaching to release what’s holding you back


Work our your branding for your site and social media including colours, fonts, where to host your site, props and style for you photoshoot and so much more

Quarantine Sale – $197 for a limited time

Down from $ 297


The Immersion

You and me all day

THIS is what I’m great at, in this concentrated session we’ll chat about your life, your business, anything you need.  This can include coaching, consulting,  getting your business off the ground, NLP, hypnosis, photoshoot, makeup lesson, private shopping… so many possibilities! My brain will explode with ideas for you.  We meet in the am, three meals out are on me at my favorite places. In person in Ottawa or Toronto, travel to you is an option, contact me for details



The Ultimate

Three Months

Coaching with me.

Twelve weeks.  Weekly one on one coaching calls, Voxer support throughout.

Using many helpful tools including NLP, EFT, TIME techniques, hypnosis, consulting and sucess coaching –  tailored to your needs.  I’m here to help you get past the past and next level yourself.

Focus on the true you and bringing your confidence




Eight 1 hour 1:1 sessions with me over an eight week period – you book in, so you can pack a bunch together or take a vacay, up to you (based on availability)

Email and Voxer support

Resources – Anything I can think of to help you, can include books, podcasts, where to buy products, websites and others to follow, coaches, online courses and anything else to help you grow.